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purchased both the script and install.They provided a script with no instruction manual so there's no way to know how to use this complex web script.

Then they went to install, but they didn't complete it. So they left me high and dry. For some reason they weren't willing to complete the installation to get it working. Then they wouldn't offer any refund.

This company will be out of business in no time I'm sure.

But I thought I'd warn others about and there fiverrscript.They're parent company is called Scriptsolutions.

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they are bastards do not buy, avoid like the plague

to hally #598822

I came here from, i spoke with the owner who informed me that they are indeed bastards and treat their customers like ***.They blame everything on you saying your hosting cannot cope with the script.

This is their *** canned response.Stay clear folks


yep.same thing happened to me.

they flat out *** ME and then dared me to do anything about it.

I spent 500 to have all the stuff installed and themn to set up the server and they had ME do all the leg work and in the end they said my host was NO GOOD after already looking at it at telling me it was fine before i paid for a year of hosting ( im now out that money too!)

these *** are the total *** of the earth


This group is a HUGE scam - the phone number they have given paypal is located in Toronto Canada - I have contacted the authorities there. I suggest you do the same, also conatct paypal and inform them of this scam. There is power in numbers.


Yes, those is complete scamming and faulty work. They will NEVER REFUND even if the script doesn't work.


Avoid this company. Terrible customer service.

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